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Science & Supplements – A New Phenomenon

Humanity has a natural urge to become better over time. For thousands of years we have evolved into stronger, smarter beings. We are able to adapt to a fast-changing world and survive accordingly. Today, this process can be accomplished faster and with better results thanks to supplements. Available in thousands of brand names, content and… Read More »

New Technology in Medicine

Sophisticated technologies have always played an essential role in the medical field. Each year brings forth extraordinary machines and tools to a physician’s bag. 2017 was a remarkable year. We saw pretty impressive refinements and developments in medical technologies- the coming years promise to usher more of the same. Here is a list of new… Read More »

How Mobile Devices are being used in Medicine

The use of mobile technology has quickly found its way in the medical field. Research shows that this penetration will continue rising and is likely to reach 95% by 2020. Technology integration has helped in reducing barriers to health care access. It has also given patients tools for taking personal responsibility for their health. On… Read More »

How to Avoid Burnout as a Doctor

One of the sad realities everyone lucky enough to have a job in these times is this: it eventually gets boring. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing – whether you’re regularly performing rocket surgery or if your sole responsibility lies in making sure flies don’t get on the drying paint – it gets old. And… Read More »

How Technology is Changing Medicine

Technology refers to the use of modern tools and machines to solve any real-world problem. Over the centuries there have been new medical developments and techniques. Below are some amazing technological innovation in the field of medicine: 1. Robotic Surgery This is an amazing technology where robots are used to perform surgeries. Surgeries that seemed… Read More »