New Technology in Medicine

By | February 5, 2018
Sophisticated technologies have always played an essential role in the medical field. Each year brings forth extraordinary machines and tools to a physician’s bag. 2017 was a remarkable year. We saw pretty impressive refinements and developments in medical technologies- the coming years promise to usher more of the same. Here is a list of new tech in medicine that we look forward to

1. Augmented reality

This technology aims to divert the course of diabetes management by measuring the blood glucose levels from one’s tears. Patented by Google, the digital contact lens is currently going through vigorous tests and regulation in preparations for the disruptive technology. It doesn’t end here, the technology is also looking forward to change medicinal education and how it’s perceived. By using it, we can look at our surrounding by projecting the digit information on what we see.

2. Gene-Editing

In 2017, the gene editing technology disrupted Biology immensely. Despite the various ethical qualms going on, it’s inevitable that technologies such as the CRISPR/Cas-9 shall extend to human use. The technology is based on the understanding of DNA sequences – a crucial part of solving problems within the medicinal field.

3. Real-time diagnostics

Surgeons will thrive at the new real-time diagnostics technology. It involves the use of an intelligent surgical knife that utilizes the old technology of electric heat currents. The knife can easily make incisions to the body with a minimal blood loss. The iKnife uses vaporized smoke to detect chemicals that are within the biological sample. This means the surgeon can identify if tissue is malignant in the real-time.

4. Holo data input

We might never get to experience hefty data inputs in the medical field again! As improves data input technologies develop, we will probably get rid of the conventional hardware-PC components. Clinical settings will increase in efficiency from the development of virtual and holographic keyboards. Data saving abilities will improve as saving will solely be in the cloud.