How Technology is Changing Medicine

By | January 19, 2018

New Age MRI MachineTechnology refers to the use of modern tools and machines to solve any real-world problem. Over the centuries there have been new medical developments and techniques. Below are some amazing technological innovation in the field of medicine:

1. Robotic Surgery

This is an amazing technology where robots are used to perform surgeries. Surgeries that seemed to be very risky can now be performed by robots. What is exciting about this technology is the ability of these robots to perform surgeries in soft tissues more perfectly than human surgeons.

2. Laser Technology

There are various application of laser in medicine such as the cleaning of the arteries with light to remove fatty tissues that can build up and clog the arteries, treatment of glaucoma which involves the removal of excess fluids in the eye, repair of detached eye retina, removal of birthmarks and tooth cavity treatment.

3. Artificial Pancreas

This device is designed to help diabetes patients live an easy life. It monitors the blood sugar and automatically supplies insulin. This device is helping patients live a normal life as it performs all the duties a natural pancreas performs.

4. Intelligent Surgical Knives

This device is commonly known as iKnife. The device uses electrical currents to heat the body tissues making incision easy and with less blood loss. A vaporized smoke is analyzed with a spectrometer to detect the chemical properties of a biological sample. The iKnife has been found to reduce the length of operations.

5. Food Scanners

Food scanners are used to analyze the chemical composition of any food. With this scanners, you can control the number of calories, fats, and sugar you take. The scanners will help those dieting to control their weight, diabetes patients and those allergic to a certain substance.

6. Cancer monotherapy.

This is the use of nanomaterials in treating cancer. This enables treatment of affected cells by delivering drugs to them without harming the healthy cells.

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